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"Well this is an awkward situation isn't it?"

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▪°▪⊰ ♛ ⊱▪°▪     ❝—what can I do for you
                          I’m an extremely busy woman.❞


   ”Aren’t we all? 
Yet I’m sure if I were a man you’d have the time.
If I had the money of course.”

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"No your complete incapacity to comprehend sarcasm 
  mystified me so much that I had to try other methods. 
          —— I’m coming with you. I don’t care how badass 
                  you think you are, you’re not going in there
                  by yourself. And seriously, stop calling me
                  little you’re like… 29-looking.”

 ”You have no reason to worry yourself. 
  I do not rely on others for help, never have and I never will,
  but if you feel you need to come along then I won’t stop you.”

 ”I will stop calling you little when you stop acting like a child.
And as that will not be happening anytime soon,
I suggest you deal with it.”

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Nesh is trying to make me play ‘let’s see how many threads we can do all at once without dropping one and that give you shit loads of feels.’



"Do it."

 When I get enough use out of you of course.”


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"Yeah, I totally follow complete strangers
where they shouldn’t be going everyday. I’ll be fine. 
           ————- Little?”


“Are you suffering from some sort of brain malfunction
 or do your lips not connect with your head?

"Make as many stab wounds as you want." —littlevioletwolf

That is an offer I simply cannot refuse.”




"You don’t even know me.”

Quite the contrary, I know you very well.
          Too well perhaps.”

DARK RP STARTERS "You'll be fine."
"I'm afraid it's very fatal."
"These test results..don't make any sense."
"How far can your arm go before it breaks?"
"I'll carve your eyes out with a spoon."
"What does he have that I don't"
"Why did he choose her instead of me?"
"Make as many stab wounds as you want."
"I am destined as your tool."
"The girl must die."
"The boy must die."
"I want to taste your blood on my lips."
"Where do we go from here?"
"These voices..cease to let me be."
"I..can't stop crying."
"Use me as you will."
"None of it matters now."
"Shadows fallow my every step."
"You've gone..completely mad."
"I'm barking mad."
"Winter is coming."
"I could kill you right now."
"You..You're dead!"
"May the lord have mercy on your soul."
"The mental ward let me out early this year."
"Oh how i miss the voices."
"Everyone is equal when they're dead."
"Cancel Christmas."
"Bring me more war."
"I love war."
"I piss on your traditions."
"I hate your heart."
"I hate your soul."
"I promise, you won't feel a thing."
"Bring her to me."
"Bring him to me."
"A few holes in the head give the madness more space."
"I hate everything about you."
"I will abandon you."
"What is that girl up to?"
"I am stretched on your grave."
"Kill me now.."
"If I fall from the grace of God where no murdered ghost can haunt me.."
"You are one in from the plank, don't make me push you."
"I don't care."
"Leave me behind."
"Everything you've told me was a lie!"
"Everything I've told yo was a lie!"
"How could you ever think to leave them behind?"
"Someone should nail your feet to the floor."
"My last breath will be your curse."
"He will KILL you."
"She will KILL you."
"I did noting."
"It was an accident!"
"You've killed your own brother!"
"I want nothing to do with him!"
"How can I possibly trust you?"

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idk how Violet manages to do this? Like, she just makes evil people care about her in weird twisted ways? IDK WHY OR HOW? I mean…. she’s not even nice to them.

idk do I? You are clearly talking to wrong woman about C A R I N G. Seriously though, have you seen my muse? But yes violet is a complete douche for doing that, stahp it girl. Just stahp.

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